Aramid Dust Filter Media

The aramid dust filter media uses aramid fiber, which, when applying special processing techniques, are turned into the aramid dust filter media, which is known for an outstanding long term thermal stability. This filter media can be used continuously over a wide temperature range, from -196℃ to 204℃. The dust filter media can even be temporarily exposed under a high temperature of 300℃ without becoming brittle, soft or molten, and features an outstanding dimensional stability, as proven by the shrinkage rate of 1% at 250℃.

The aramid dust filter media has an excellent flame resistance, as the limiting oxygen index (LOI) of the aramid filter media is lower than 28%, which means that the filter media is highly inflammable. The filter media is self-extinguishing without any smolder or after flames once removed from the fire. Not only that, but this materials is highly resistant to high and low temperatures, keeping users safe from burns and scalding.

The aramid dust filter media can be applied to various special protective clothing, for example, police combat training suits, firefighting suits, electric welding suits, petroleum overalls, arc proof suits and other protective gear.

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