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Dust Collector Filter Media

    1. Polyester Fiberfill
    2. PPS Dust Filter FabricThe surface of filter fabric will be treated by calendaring and high concentration of PTFE dipping. In the end, it is processed into needled felt filter materials. Therefore, the fabric is not only of high filter precision and stable performance, but also has excellent anti-corrosive property, waterproof performance and oil resistance.
    1. Antistatic Filter Media
    2. Antistatic Filter MediaThe static resistant filter media is hydrophobic and repellent to oil, which means the filter media can be used under high humidity and high oil content working conditions. The static resistant filter media is versatile and cost effective, with a high strength performance.
    1. PTFE Filter Media Roll
    2. PTFE Filter Media RollPTFE(Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) filter fabric is made up of 100% PTFE fiber, having excellent moisture-proof, damp-proof performance and can endure high temperatures. After being coated, PTFE filter fabric has good corrosion resistance.
    1. P84 Dust Collector Filter Bag
    2. P84 Dust Collector Filter BagCross section of P84 dust collector filter fabric is irregular triangle to maximize the surface area of the fiber. At the same time, small pore structures increase the effect of surface filtration.
    1. Aramid Dust Filter Media
    2. Aramid Dust Filter MediaThis filter media can be used continuously over a wide temperature range, from -196℃ to 204℃. The dust filter media can even be temporarily exposed under a high temperature of 300℃ without becoming brittle, soft or molten, and features an outstanding dimensional stability, as proven by the shrinkage rate of 1% at 250℃.

Shandong Aobo Environmental Protection Technology Company is a dust collector filter media production firm that offers PPS filter media, PTFE filter media, polyester filter media and more, all of which are applicable to a variety of working conditions.