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In June, 2017
In order to carry on an air filtration project, an American nuclear plant bought V-bank filters with metal frame and V-bank filters with plastic frame from our company, with the specification of 592×592×292mm.

In March, 2017
A power plant in the Philippines needed to change filter bags and filter bag cages of its dust collector.

After knowing that the working temperature of the dust collector was around 220℃, we chose PTFE to produce the filter bags. Finished filter bag was 150 mm in diameter and 3600 mm in length. All products were installed successfully, and functioned smoothly after delivery.

In 2014
One cement plant in Brazil signed modification project of dedusting with Aobo to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

After analyzing working conditions of the plant, we decided to replace its in-use electrostatic precipitator with pulse-jet bag filter, and equipped it with PPS fiber and PTFE filter bag, reducing exhaust emission to below 10 mg. In addition, we added pulse-jet tubes to dust collector in order to change the plant's mothod of dedusting completely.

Since the system was put into operation from 2014, until now dust collector has functioned stably according to client's feedback. Besides, its exhaust emission remains below 10 mg, meeting local emission standard and environmental needs.

In 2010
Aobo was contacted by Shanxi Aluminum Thermal Power Plant of China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) to provide assorted electric-bag composite dust collector for their four different groups 240T/h furnaces.

Finally, the client bought our filter bags made of PPS and PTFE to achieve the goal of dedusting.

In May, 2008
China Sanmenxia Power Plant contacted our company in the goal of building dedusting project, asking us to customize 5000 dust collector filter bags for each of its two units. Each unit's air volume reached 3,899,747m3/h, so designed wind speed of filter bags was 0.9m/min and designed entrance temperature was 165℃.

We used PPS as main media to produce filter bags according to customer requirements. After filter bags were put into function, all the performance indicators accorded with customer requirements, output concentration dropping to 15mg/Nm3 with entrance concentration of 12.7g/Nm3.

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