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V-bank High Capacity Air Filter

The filter structure of H10 high efficiency air filter is V-bank. This pleated structure increases direct air contact, resulting in larger air volume and higher filtration efficiency.

The frame of the filter made of polypropylene, filter paper made of waterproof glass fiber, along with polyurethane sealant and plastic coated wire mesh give the filter firm structure and higher filtering effect. Besides, it is easy to install and clean. Therefore, H10 high efficiency V-bank air filter can be widely used in clean room, commercial filter, industrial air purification replacement.

Basic parameters
Frame polypropylene
Filter material water-proof glass fiber filter paper
Filter efficiency H10(EN 1822) ≥85% @MPPS
Gasket cement polyurethane
Cradle guard white steel net plastic spraying (custom options available)
Usage temperature ≤70℃
Usage humidity ≤90%RH
Pressure ≤400Pa
Application The V-bank high capacity air filter is a high performance finishing filter for clean room, commercial, or industrial air conditioning systems. The high efficiency air filters are designed to maintain the strictest air cleanliness requirements.
Stock size
Model Nominal size (inch) Actual Size (mm) Filter area (O) Blowing rate /initial resistance (m3/h/Pa) Efficiency EN1822
Height Width Thickness
AOBO-W10-242412 24×24×12 595 592 290 19.0 2500/160 3400/230 4000/270 H10
AOBO-W10-242012 24×20×12 595 490 290 15.0 1900/160 2650/230 3100/270 H10
AOBO-W10-241212 24×12×12 595 287 290 9.0 1050/160 1700/230 2100/270 H10
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