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Industrial Air Filtration

AoBo produces various kinds of HEPA filters, medium efficiency air filters, and primary air vent filters suitable for industrial air filtration tasks. These products are made from different kinds of filter cottons, such as activated carbon filter cotton, negative ion sterilization filter cotton, and screening filter cotton to name a few. Each air filtration unit produced by AoBo is designed to remove large amounts of pollutants from the air of the operating environment before they can be released into the air. Instead of these harmful materials entering the air we breathe, they are instead collected and disposed of in a safe manner.

    1. High Capacity Air Filter
    2. Filter material: water-proof glass fibre filter paper
      Protection mesh: electrostatic powder coating for white steel mesh (according to your requirements)
      Application:V-bank high capacity air filter can be used in the final filter of the clean room and commercial or industrial air conditioning systems.

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