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Clean air is vital to our existence here on Earth and at Shandong Aobo Environmental Protection Technology, we are dedicated to the preservation of a breathable environment. We specialize in the development and production of filtration products that are designed to pull pollutants from industrial operations before they can be released into the air and cause damage.

Here at Aobo, we work hard on the development and production of all kinds of filtration materials and equipment. Our main product line consists of various filter cotton materials such as activated carbon filter cotton, negative ion sterilization filter cotton, and static resistant filter cotton. Each of our filters is designed to remove harmful elements from industrial operations before they can cause damage to our environment.

Shandong Aobo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 with one mission. The goal is to produce filtration and de-dusting products to effectively and efficiently remove pollutants from industrial operations before they can ever enter the atmosphere. Our products help factory workers to breath safe air and prevent dangerous environmental pollution on a large scale when properly utilized.

Primary Air Vent Filter
Medium Efficiency Air Filter
High Capacity Air Filter

Application: The V-bank high capacity air filter is a high performance finishing filter for clean room, commercial, or industrial air conditioning systems. The high efficiency air filters are designed to maintain the strictest air cleanliness requirements.

HEPA Filter

AoBo manufactures the FFU fan filter units in the dimensions listed below as well as in customized sizes in order to meet the specific needs of your ventilation and air conditioning system.

Air Filter Media
Dust Collector Filter Bag
Dust Collector Filter Cage
Dust Collector Filter Media

The MC-II bag type pulse jet dust collector is a an ideal choice for multiple applications, due to its reasonable and advanced structure, relatively low jetting pressure, good dust cleaning effect and low maintenance cost. The MC dust collector is composed of five parts including the upper tank body, the middle tank body, the lower tank body, the dust discharging system and the jetting system.

Polyester Fiberfill

Polyester fiberfill is applicable to a number of things, including home textiles, bedding, clothing, infant products and tents. It is also widely used in civil engineering, building work, agriculture and forestry, aquaculture, papermaking, health care as well as household utensils.

Organic Cotton Sheet

Compared to ordinary cotton, organic cotton sheets are softer and more breathable, as well as offer a higher elasticity, better heat retention and better anti-static performance. Organic cotton sheets are applicable to cotton padded clothes, quilts, mattresses and products aimed at young children.

Wool Felt Sheet Roll

Wool felt sheet rolls are made from wool, and feature a number of attractive qualities, including an integral formability, strong heat intention, reliable resistance to water and flame, excellent fixation and thermal insulation. The wool is both soft and tough, with a comfortable texture and strong elasticity.

Camel Hair Felt Roll

Camel hair felt rolls feature a number of outstanding properties, including a strong stability, hard wearing quality, soft and smooth tactility and reliable heat retention. Camel hair felt rolls also contain natural protein components that are resistant to static and dust, while still causing no skin irritation.

Jute Felt Sheet

The jute felt sheet linen fabric features a high moisture absorption and desorption speed, as well as an easy ability to adjust to the ecological environment around it, as well as a person's body temperature. It features a number of outstanding qualities, including the ability to absorb moisture and radiate heat ...

Natural Silk Felt Pad

Natural silk is the lightest, softest and thinnest fiber in nature and exhibits an excellent air and moisture permeability. The inner tube structure is designed in such a way that the silk will not cake or tuck, and gives the silk a uniform, soft and light weight structure with a great heat retention ability.

Flame Retardant Cotton Sheet

Aobo's flame resistant cotton sheets do not kindle easily, and in the event it does, will put itself out when removed from the source of the flame. This cotton sheet features a number of advantages, including a permanent flame resistance, moisture absorption, air permeability, soft texture ...

Aluminum Foil Faced Carbon Felt

Aluminum foil faced carbon felt is widely used for fire prevention insulation in hotels, hospitals, schools, and homes, insulation for electric blankets, mattresses, seat cushions, and protective apparel, as well as specialized material for non-stick, non-melting kitchen utensils.

Industrial Absorbent Cotton Pad

Industrial absorbent cotton pads are used to clean and prevent leaks of oil and chemicals, especially in areas where the removal of any leakage is a must, such as manufacturing industries, transportation industries, petrochemical industries, maritime emergency rescue, harbors, aviation, public security ...

Sound Absorbing Cotton Felt

Sound absorbing cotton felt is applicable to sound absorption and insulation for different buildings, with added applicability due to its light weight. Sound absorbing cotton felt is often used in used in music rooms, mechanical rooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, concert halls, recording studios ...

Water Absorbing Cotton Sheet

Water absorbing cotton sheets are great for the absorption of moisture, and feature an outstanding air permeability and perspiration performance. It is soft against the skin and features a great static resistance and thermal retention.

Carbon and Graphite Felt

Carbon and graphite felt possesses many desirable properties, including a high strength, tolerance to high temperatures, resistance to corrosion of acidic and alkaline materials, recyclability and adaptability to the environment. These structural characteristics give the ACF a great absorption capability...

Industrial High Temperature Insulation Felt

Industrial high temperature insulation felt is applicable for use in a number of fireproof and sound insulation locations, including music practice rooms, mechanical rooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, concert halls, recording studios, automobiles and just about any building.

Aluminum Foil Faced Insulation Felt

Aluminum foil is a soft metal film that features an excellent resistance to moisture, as well as an outstanding airtight performance, shading properties, resistance to wear and corrosion, and non-toxic, odorless design. Not only that, but this insulation felt is great for both flame resistance and thermal insulation.

Aobo makes use of german non-woven fabric production line, needle punching production line and hot melt adhesive coating machine for the production of our non-woven filtration products. The highly advanced production technology allows for a consistently high level of production quality and efficiency. We also utilize advanced post treatment equipment for hot rolling, ironing, glue dipping, and final shaping with Japanese electromagnetic production line used for sewing and sealing filter bags.