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In order to satisfy different demands of worldwide customers for air filtration products, Aobo buys world-class production facilities such as German non-woven fabric production line, thermally bonded and needle punched non-woven fabric production line, electromagnetically bonded filter bag production line, and perfect post-treatment equipment like hot rolling, ironing, gum dipping and sizing to produce air purification products of various materials and specifications, including air filter, dust collector filter bag, air filter media and so on.

If air filters, filter media and filter bags are made of special materials, they can be featured by special functions such as high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, or sterilizing and deodorizing. So our company's air filters, filter media and filter bags are widely used in fields that have different requirements for filtering products, including spraying, electronics, food processing, chemical pharmacy, precision instrument, aviation and so on.

Customized air filter
Customized Ranges
Commercial Air Filter Efficiency G3-G4(Merv1-Merv8)
Frames paper frame, aluminum frame
Filter media polyester, synthetic fibre, activated carbon, composite
Types plate type, bag type, dense pleated, double-sided filter mesh aluminum mesh Board
Special functions heat resistance, electrostatic adsorption, high-temperature filter
Medium/Sub-efficient Air Filters Efficiency F5-F9(Merv9-Merv15), H10
Frames metal frame, plastic frame
Media polyester, synthetic fiber, activated Carbon, composite
Types bag-type, V-bank, multi-pleat
High Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA Filter Efficiency H13, H14
Frame aluminum profile, galvanized sheet, corrosion-resistant steel plates
Media waterproof glass fiber filter paper
Types filter with/without separator
Separators waterproof separator made of paper, aluminum separators
Customized industrial dust collector filter bag
Dust Collector Filter Bag
Dust Collector Filter Bag Cage
Customized Ranges
Dust Collector Filter Bag Materials Polyester, PPS, PTFE, P84, Acrylic, Nomex aramid fiber
Special functions anti-static, waterproof, oil repellent and so on
Dust Collector Filter Bag Cage Materials stainless steel, organic silicon, galvanized steel
Types plug-in type, oval inlet, round inlet
Customized air filter media

The raw materials of air filters and industrial dust collector filter bags are produced by Aobo independently. So Aobo can offer air filter media of specific sizes according to customers' requests.

Materials including: polyester filter cotton, synthetic fiber filter cotton, activated carbon air filter media roll, polyester filter felt, PPS dust collector filter felt, PTFE dust collector filter felt, P84 dust collector filter felt, acrylic dust collector filter felt, Nomex aramid dust collector filter felt.

Custom services

① Prompt reply
Aobo will reply within 24 hours after customer's enquiry, and confirm the operating environment and problems customers encounter.

② Model selection and design
After communicating with technical department, salesman will recommend the most suitable product. After assessing the operating environment according to customer's enquiry, our company will provide corresponding product parameters and professional design drawings.

③ Confirm details
Drawings will be sent to customers once it is confirmed to discuss about product details. After checking it, customers can determine the order quantity and specification of products based on the actual requirements.

④ Arrange production
After the purchase order is confirmed, customers needs to pay 30%-50% of the purchases in advance.
After receiving the payment from the customer, salesman will coordinate with the production department to arrange customized production. All normal production plans can be finished within 6 to 7 workdays.

⑤ Quality control
Quality control of every step in the production process is charged by the specially-assigned people, who will implement normative records of quality inspection according to strict inspection standards of raw materials and finished products.

After the detection is completed, salesman will take photos of actual products for customers to inspect. Customers shall pay the remaining amount after confirming.

⑥ Packaging
Aobo has special requirements for export packaging. All packaging boxes can be customized according to product size. Besides, logo of client company can be printed on the product upon request.

For products that can't be bumped such as high efficiency particulate air HEPA Filter, dust collector filter bag cage, we will adopt individual wrapping and multiple packaging for each product to ensure that there is no damage during transportation.

⑦ Transportation
Aobo is equipped with first-class transportation teams to make sure the products can be delivered to ports or customer-specified destinations punctually and safely. Shipping methods include EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP and so on.

After goods reach the destination safely, salesman will determine conveyance and specific arrival date according to customer's requirements, then send the delivery information to the customer, informing the customer to pick up the goods in time.

⑧ After-sales maintenance
After customer receives the goods, salesman will provide after-sales service repeatedly, including tracking and return visits, to find out whether product performance is fine. Besides, maintenance methods will be offered to customer. Any problem arising during the process of application can be communicated with our technical department.

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