Nomex Dust Collector Filter Bag

The Nomex dust collector filter bag can work under high temperatures ranging from 204℃ to 240℃. This bag is known for its high acid resistance, alkali resistance, bending resistance and abrasion resistance. High speed smoke gas passes through the filter bag while still retaining a low pressure loss.

1. Dust collection system in new dry cement kilns
2. Construction industry
3. Dust collection system in plaster drying
4. Blast furnace gas discharged by some steel works
5. Dust collection system in bitumen mixing plants

No. Name Unit Parameter Notes
1 Fiber layer
100% Nomex Gradient structure manufacturing
2 Base fabric
100% Nomex Filament base fabric
3 Area density g/m2 550
4 Thickness mm 1.8
5 Gas permeation volume M3/m2.min ≥12
6 Longitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥900
7 Latitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥1200
8 Longitudinal fracture elongation % ≤35
9 Latitudinal fracture elongation % ≤50
10 Long time working temperature ≤204 ℃
11 Short time working temperature 240 240 ℃ in less than 10 min each time
12 Post-processing
Singing, calendaring, high temperature fixing, surface waterproof treatment and surface anti-oil treatment
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