Acrylic Dust Collector Filter Bag

The acrylic dust collector filter bag is sewn using an acrylic filter felt, which is made of acrylic, (polyacrylonitrile), and is manufactured with the needle punching technique, followed by water repellence treatment. The needle punching felt, based on acrylic fabrics, features a great chemical corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and enhanced shear strength. The acrylic dust collector filter bag is widely applicable for dust collection in waste incineration plants, bitumen mixing machines, spray dryers, coal mills and power plants.

The acrylic filter media is resistant to acid, alkali, chemicals and hydrolysis.

1. Dust collection in foundries
2. Dust collection in road building machinery works
3. Dust collection under low temperature and high humidity working conditions

No. Name Unit Parameter Notes
1 Fiber layer
100% acrylic
2 Base fabric
Acrylic woven fabric
3 Area density g/m2 500
4 Thickness mm 2.8
5 Gas permeation volume M3/m2.min ≥15
6 Longitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥900
7 Latitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥1200
8 Longitudinal fracture elongation % ≤35
9 Latitudinal fracture elongation % ≤50
10 Long time working temperature ≤140
11 Short time working temperature 150 150 ℃ in less than 10 min each time
12 Post-processing
Singeing, calendaring, high temperature fixing, dipped in PTFE emulsion for corrosion prevention
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